Start you own hosting company in India in 5 minutes.

We are here to provide Reseller Web Hosting in India, Basically Reseller Hosting India means, Providing hosting services or hosting space on your brand name to your client as if you are web hosting company in India but actually you are yourself client for a hosting services company. Now, let’s discuss How does it works or how to use it? For using reseller hosting you should search for reseller hosting plan on internet and purchase the plan which suits your business, most of the people who purchase reseller service plan would take unlimited reseller hosting plan and resell it after labelling with their brand.

Based on managing issues, new business owner should use reseller hosting if they don’t know how to use dedicated server and reseller hosting service india is less time consuming because most of the companies selling reseller hosting provides management support for that.

Here we can get various benefits of Reseller hosting in india
  • • Opportunity to act as a hosting company and can make money
  • • Can design customized hosting plan according to customer need and sell it with profit
  • • Easy to manage client facility which can be given to client
  • • Good for developer and Small hosting providers they can earn a good amount of money from it.
  • • You can make your own hosting brand taking support with famous hosting providers like
  • Seeing these benefits one can easily start reseller hosting service and make profit from it. You can start it as cheap reseller hosting as compare to others. Now you are thinking what you should include in reseller hosting package. So basically a normal hosting package includes

  • • C panel access
  • • Unlimited Disk space
  • • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • • Account configure service along with manage your own account.
  • • Various features like email, ftp, additional monitoring tools.
  • • Support as client requires
  • To make your brand popular as hosting service provider, Client support is the most important service which increase trust because client doesn’t know who is your upstream hosting service provider. Client is going to rely on you. In these days Reseller Hosting Services is gaining popularity in india as you can earn good amount of money with a minimum investment.

    Small Reseller Hosting

    to begin with

    Rs. 2999/-
    Rs.300 per Site

    per year

    • 10GB Disk space
    • UNLIMITED GB Bandwidth
    • 10 Domains/ SITES
    • Reseller can sell yes
    • No Dedicated IP Address
    • No Domain / FTP Features
    • 10 Addon Domains
    • 10 Parked Domains
    • UNLIMITED Sub-Domains Allowed
    • UNLIMITED FTP Account
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    Economy Reseller Hosting

    to start nicely

    Rs 4999/-
    Rs.250 per Site

    per year

    • UNLIMITED Disk space
    • UNLIMITED GB Bandwidth
    • 20 Domains
    • Reseller can sell CPANEL
    • Mysql DATA BASE
    • No Dedicated IP Address
    • No Domain / FTP Features
    • 20 Addon Domains
    • 20 Parked Domains
    • UNLIMITED Sub-Domains Allowed
    • UNLIMITED FTP Account
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